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Friends of Maud School (FoMS) Parent Council is open to all with an interest in Maud School. They support the children who go to the school by organising fund raising events and also help select senior staff at the school.

You can e-mail the Parent Council by clicking on the icon below.

If parents wish to be kept up to date with Parent Council communications, please e-mail the parent council requesting us to include your e-mail address in correspondence. Due to data protection, we cannot use information parents have shared with the school.

The parent council has a Facebook Page, which can be found by searching for ‘Friends of Maud School Parent Council’ on Facebook, or by clicking the icon below. This is a restricted group and we only admit requests from parents/guardians of children currently attending Maud School.


What we do

Myths & Truths

Only Mums and teachers can join
We need the support of parents, family members, teachers, school staff & community members. Everyone is welcome.

Coming to a meeting means I will be pushed to take on chair, secretary, treasurer etc
We need your membership whether or not you want to take on a role. Your support is all we need.

My child’s life will be the same whether or not I am on the Parent Council
Being on the council puts you in direct communication with the school, it shows your child you are interested and invested in their education.  Our efforts help pay for your child’s class room equipment, outdoor experiences, school trips, reading books, and much much more.

We don’t need more help
We always need your help and more volunteers. If you choose to help, you decide your time commitment.

I don’t have time
Even if you cannot give much time we still need your support and skills.  Please attend our fundraisers, volunteer when you can, bring your skills to an event and share our work.

It is only for those who don’t work
The Parent Council wants to support the children and the school and we all juggle work, household chores, kids, sports, homework, just like you.

Once you attend a meeting you have to attend all of them
Come to as many meetings as you can, give your apologies if you can’t and you will get the minutes so you don’t miss anything.

The Parent Council won’t be interested in my ideas
Yes we will! It is important to keep it fresh and exciting.