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About Us

Maud School serves the village of Maud and the surrounding rural area. It is approximately 5 miles west of Mintlaw and 12 miles north of Ellon. It was built over 119 years ago and was opened on 28 April 1896. We are part of the Mintlaw Community School Network. Mintlaw Academy is the designated secondary school.

For 2023-2024 the pupils are divided into five classes – P1/2/3, P3/4, P5/6 and P6/7.

There are five teaching classrooms, a library/ICT room, a central hall, 2 cloakroom areas, a staff room and a school office.

At present we have a number of Pupil Support Assistants (PSAs) to support the children in school. In addition there are visiting specialist teachers for Drama, French, Kodaly Singing, Music, P.E. and Science. The specialist support (Additional Support for Learning) varies each term.

To assist with the smooth running of the school there are the following services – clerical assistance, janitorial services, cleaning assistance and school meals service.

There are various extra curricular clubs associated with the school and/or the Friends of Maud School Parent Council. There is a football team called Maud Kids Football, Netball, Recorder Group and Brownies.