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Role Bearers

Mr. John Curno


Mrs Cat Anderson


Miss. Louise Cran


Mrs. Kath O’Connor

Fundraising Co-ordinator(s)

Mrs. Rebecca Cassie

Mrs. Rachael Mitchell


Role Descriptions
  • Guide the Parent Council
  • Chair meetings
  • Liaise to create agendas
  • Welcome members
  • Introduce guests
  • Ensure fair discussion
  • Keep to the agenda
  • Ensure decisions are made
  • Work with Treasurer to ensure proper financial accounts are prepared
  • Vice-chair supports, and takes over in Chair’s absence
  • Manage communication between role bearers, committee and Parent Forum
  • Prepare agenda in consultation with Chair
  • Record attendees and apologies
  • Discuss correspondence
  • Take minutes and distribute them to the committee
  • Handle money coming in & going out of the group
  • Responsible for proper handling of the finances
  • Use a clear and accurate book-keeping system
  • Maintain the bank account and signatories
  • Provide a report for each meeting of money in, money out and current balance
  • Advise on amount of money available for the group’s work and warn of excess expenditure
  • Prior to AGM have the accounts independently checked (audited) and agreed with the Chair
  • Present these audited accounts at the AGM and answer questions
Fundraising Co-ordinator(s)
  • Plan and organise fundraising, delegating tasks to the committee and getting their help
  • Prepare any fundraising letters/emails/posters/promotional literature and liaise with the secretary to have them distributed
  • Organise and manage volunteers
  • Ensure all events are documented
  • Report back to the committee about events
  • Research any fundraising ideas presented to the Parent Council
  • Liaise with the treasurer about past events, need for funds and ensure reimbursements are made etc.
Sub-group Ideas
  • Planning social events for parents, children & staff
  • Newsletter
  • Links with the community